This page documents my games, my mods and my tools for making games.

YARD [2021]

A map sketching tool!
Can be used for multiple game genres.
YARD stands for "Your Array Raycast Designer"

64YB [2020]

A prototype experimenting with ultra low-rez games.
Runs in 64x64. A very basic roguelike.
Pronounced "sixty-four-yib"

Untitled Zombie Game [2019-2020]

A very ambitious top-down shooter.
Zombies invade a snowy American town...
Of course, all Americans carry guns. Lots of guns.

Schut [2020]

A 2-player local multiplayer killfest!
Get as many kills as you can before time runs out!
Made for friends to play during lunch.

The Half Hour Game [2020]

An experiment in extreme game jamming.
Made in ~1.5 hours.
You can watch the making-of here.

Shootin' Gallery [2020]

A light gun shooter made for a class.
Made for use with a PC-based light gun, this game
tests the player's reflexes and aiming skills.